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Who we are

Founders and Directors Noemi, Alex and Chaz have been collaborating for over eight years. 

After the pandemic hit, refusing to be pushed out of the industry we love and confident in our ability to adapt and problem solve, we decided to build a company. Swans Events produces socially-distanced theatre, theatrical cabaret and immersive productions, with a particular focus on female, non-binary and LGBTQ+ work.

Our mission is to produce innovative and original work by creating unforgettable experiences and total immersion.

We aim to be at the forefront of a new and unpredictable era. As producers, by co-producing with innovative creatives and creating employment opportunities for artists, we aim to create a world where performing arts are accessible to all. 


Noemi Antonelli


As Managing Director, 
Noemi has an attention to detail that enhances customer experience and relationships. She thrives on the opportunity to innovate and do events very differently.
She's the left hand side of the Swans brain and always on the look out for new business ventures.




As Events Director, Chaz focuses on the events journey to continually improving how audiences engage, experience and interact with the immersive worlds we create.

She focuses on people management and everything that drives a team to create the most successful events.

Alex Mahoney


As Production Director, Alex works closely with clients to bring their vision to life. She loves designing event sites and knows that detail is key to creating successful immersive worlds. Alex executes every project with passion, commitment and a great understanding of the unique needs of every client, artist and team.


"Chaz's professionalism really is second to none. The care, passion, and attention to detail she brings means that not only do you get the benefit of her wide ranging skills and experiences, but also a genuine desire to make the event as successful and positive as possible for everyone involved. It's a blend of skills that makes the difference between just making an event happen and making an event truly wonderful. I know we can rely on her to deliver, and always feel in the safest hands possible when working with Chaz"

Andy George, VAULT Festival 

"Alex has worked alongside me as the Assistant Production Manager at Punchdrunk on one of the most complex, unique and ever changing projects I have ever worked on and I could not have asked for a better person to be by my side every step of the way. She is everything you want in your production team: a creative thinker, a fastidious planner, an interrogating problem solver, a joyful personality and importantly a total commitment to realising the dreams and ambitions of the creative teams around us"

Aniela Zaba, Production Manager Punchdrunk

“Having worked with Noemi for many years at Evolution London I can attest to her creative ability, steadiness under pressure and breadth of knowledge within the event events industry. Noemi is great to work with, a vibrant character, dynamic and caring”

Greg Lawson, Smart Group

"We were so impressed with Noemi, they took a complicated series of events we were hosting and produced them with grace, efficiency and charm. They demonstrated pinpoint organisation and dealt warmly with our customers, remaining professional and responsible at all times. They were a joy to work with and we hope to work with them again soon"

Elise Edge, Darling & Edge

"MYsocial hurriedly hired Alex at the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic as our online events coordinator. Alex has gone beyond what we thought possible, from day one she understood exactly what we were looking for, and created an exciting programme of events for mainly older people who had never participated in virtual events before, including an online digital festival.  Her creative ability and professionalism is immense, but so is her cheerful manner to make people feel at ease with trying something for the first time"

Dee Waltham, MY Social Age UK Lambeth